Skyrail Cairns – a lesson in customer experience

The Optune team travel far and wide to take on interesting challenges, and recently we found ourselves in Cairns in beautiful far north Queensland – such is the tough life that we lead. Lucky for us we managed to squeeze in some downtime in between meetings to check out some of the local attractions.

Admittedly, as a couple of marketers from Melbourne, we tend to approach a lot things with varying degrees of both scepticism and cynicism…and tacky tourist offerings are pretty high up that list. Let’s just say that we’d rather sit in a pit of stinky cane toads than endure an afternoon of ‘Crocodile Dundee inspired Aussie-ness’.

So… one might be surprised to hear that we came home raving about one of the area’s most popular attractions – Skyrail.

Skyrail (for those unfamiliar) is a 7.5km cableway that runs from Cairns to the township of Kuranda, soaring high above lush rainforest with spectacular views of rivers and gorges. Without a doubt, it is a spectacular ride. But, that’s not what blew us away. What was most impressive was the seamless customer experience. Everything from purchasing the tickets to loading onto the Skyrail, to changing lines, and loading up for the return trip was seamless. Every Skyrail representative we came across was friendly, helpful, well trained and on brand every time. Simple stuff really, yet not all that common these days.

It was a busy day, it was hot and sweaty, families were there with little kids – all the ingredients for irritability – yet thanks to the efforts of management and staff, it was all managed beautifully, so any tears were kept to a minimum.

We’d like to congratulate the team at Skyrail on a job well done, and remind them that if they’re ever looking for a team from down south to assist with their marketing, comms or PR, then the team at Optune would be only too happy to assist 😉

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