Yep, branding is important for a small business

There are many small businesses out there who see branding as somewhat irrelevant to them. Surely, branding is more for big business, isn’t it? All too often, small businesses treat branding as nothing more than a logo and business cards. All too often, they see themselves as a business, and not a brand. The reality is though, that by creating an effective brand strategy, small businesses can benefit in all sorts of ways. From increasing their value, building employee engagement, to making new customer acquisitions easier.

Here are a few reasons as to why a brand strategy is important to any business, no matter what the size


When a business presents itself in a consistent and professional manner with everything from the appearance of their office to the way employees speak to customers, right through to the usability of their website, it builds a level of trust. And, we all know that customers are far more likely to hand over their hard-earned money to somebody that they trust


While branding is in no way limited to a logo and a colour scheme, when designed well, these should accurately reflect the true essence of the business. It is worth putting the time and effort into designing these properly so as they create the impression of your business that you want your customers to see. There is a whole science behind how people feel about and react to different colours, fonts, etc. Yet, it is far too in depth for this blog post

Employee engagement.

A strong brand with a clear sense of identity and a clear sense of direction as to where the business is going all gives employees something to engage with.  It boosts morale, which in turn boosts performance. When it comes to recruitment, a strong brand will also help in attracting the best talent

Revenue generation.

This is what it all comes down to after all. There’s not much point to any of this if it’s not helping to generate revenue. A brand encapsulates your entire reputation. That is why a strong brand will incorporate a logo, marketing activities, business processes, etc, etc all together to form an indelible impression on the minds of those in your target market. This generates word of mouth referrals, which in turn creates more customers and increased revenue.

If you would like to learn more about how simple a brand strategy can have a positive effect on your small business, then please contact the team at Optune.

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