Utilising strong content on your website to boost your brand

When customers or employees look at your website, what do they see? Does it truly reflect everything that your business stands for? Is it a true representation of your brand? Are they really engaged by it?

A well branded website incorporates the obvious such as images, colour schemes and logos. Yet, when it comes to truly defining your brand and effectively presenting it to your target audience through your website, as the old saying goes, ‘content is king’.

The value provided by quality content is nothing new. However, what we’re seeing these days is that this value is becoming even more pertinent. The web space is getting more and more crowded with everyone fighting for attention. Therefore, by placing a higher focus on producing quality content, your website can more effectively engage your audience with your brand.

Content creation begins with really understanding your audience, and then producing the right content and delivering it in a way that best engages them. This might be through blog posts, videos, white papers, etc, etc. Whichever you choose, what matters is that you provide it in an easy to access, and easy to consume way that reflects your brand and positions it in a positive light.

Quality content even assists with SEO (search engine optimisation). Everyone wants to get their name to appear on that elusive first page of Google search results. In the past, improved SEO rankings have been achieved mainly through the optimisation of copy by targeting keywords and phrases in particular frequencies.

However, with Google’s latest algorithm, quality, engaging and original content is given preference.

Therefore, modern content creation is about coming up with something that is so engaging to the reader/viewer that they want to spread the word by sharing it, or linking to it within their own content.  What this does in the eyes of Google is create a level of authority and trust, which in turn pushes it up the rankings.

When done right, quality content within a well-designed, well branded and easy to use website can form a key component to improving brand equity, customer engagement and overall customer satisfaction.

At Optune, we have extensive experience in creating engaging content for websites. Like to know more? Please contact us today.

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