Brand authenticity: Why it matters for your business

Whatever the size of your business or the industry that you operate in, ‘authenticity’ is an aspect of branding that’s important to consider if you want to stay competitive in today’s modern market.

Authenticity may sound like yet another fluffy marketing buzzword, but there are good reasons as to why you should apply it to your marketing strategy to make a real difference to the success of your messaging.  

Basically, brand authenticity means honesty, transparency and integrity – three elements that any good business should possess anyway. It is the set of core beliefs that drives the brand and the activity. It’s the stuff that just happens, naturally and truthfully.

It means not saying your brand is something that it isn’t, or stands for something that it doesn’t. Authenticity is having an open window into your business that customers can look through at any time. Think about that. Would you be ok with what your customers would see if they looked into your world, warts and all?

Well, guess what. As part of their purchasing decision, modern day consumers want to know that your products are coming from sustainable sources. They also want to know things like whether the hygiene levels in your food manufacturing plant are up to par, and that you are treating your workers well and paying them fairly. If you are falling down in any of these areas, then there’s a fair chance that it will soon be all over social media, which can do your brand irreparable damage overnight.

Hence, the importance of brand authenticity and everything that it stands for.

In the modern age, consumers shop differently than in the past. No longer are they easily swayed by the old push marketing techniques or by traditional advertising.

Instead, they are looking for solutions to their life’s problems, and brands that meet them where they are, communicate to them on their level and engage them are going to beat out competitors that are left behind in the old world.

Authenticity comes down to giving people a reason to care. Consumers want to care – they want to believe that their purchase is making a difference somewhere, somehow, and that the brands they are supporting with their hard-earned dollars are living out the values that they believe in. People respond to honesty, integrity and enthusiasm, and they can spot frauds from a mile away. It’s never too late to look for the authenticity that exists within your business and to capitalise on it with thoughtful, engaging marketing.

Looking for help in identifying that authenticity, or in coming up with a way to use it that will be both efficient and profitable? Please contact us at Optune and let’s get the conversation started.

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