Step away from your ego! …and create a successful website.

What makes a website successful has changed a hell of a lot in the past few years.

The days of all that flash imagery that screams ‘look at me’ and ‘look how clever I am’ and takes forever to load are over. Users have seen it all before. These days, it’s all about usability. We’re all time poor and somewhat impatient. We want to get what we need quickly and easily, with the minimum of fuss.

So…  clean, clear, and easy to navigate sites are what users want.

We’re not web developers, but we do understand the value of user experience, and from this, we’ve come up with five things that any successful website must have in 2018. We believe that it’s what any business looking to build and maintain success in the online space needs to be across.

Of course, this list is just a start. It by no means exhaustive.

  1. Mobile optimisation

This may sound like an obvious one, yet it still surprises us just how many sites we come across that are not fully optimised. Latest figures indicate that over half of all web searches are done on a mobile device. With this figure increasing rapidly, any site that isn’t set up for mobile as a priority is effectively shooting themselves in the foot and is only going to fall further behind.

  1. Navigation

Remember how we said that users are time poor and impatient? Well, add to this the increasing number of your competitors’ websites that they have at their fingertips.

Then, start to understand how important it is for your site to be clear and easy to navigate. An easy to navigate site makes a great first impression, and if users can find what they want easily, then they are far more likely to return.

  1. Video

Thanks to increasing internet speeds, the popularity of video has surged ahead over the past 12 months, and it’s only going to continue. Users would much rather watch a video than read text or look at still images. Plus, as impressive advances continue to be made in the areas of video production, creating professional video content has never been easier.

  1. Content is still king

While aa great looking and easy to navigate site means that users can find information easily, it’s the quality of that content that will provide them with real value and keep them coming back. Creating engaging and well targeted content is a well proven strategy for improving user engagement.

Remember, quality content provides real value to the user. It is not a sales pitch.

While this nothing new, what is new is the latest Google algorithm change, which now favours original, high quality content. What this means is that the more content is engaged with, liked, shared, etc, the higher it gets pushed up Google rankings. So, more than ever, great content has the potential to boost SEO ranking.

  1. Lightning fast loading time

Let’s face it. Attention spans are continually getting shorter. Recent surveys have shown that the majority of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they will abandon a site that takes 3+ seconds to load. In addition to this, they will most likely never come back. The bottom line being that any successful site needs to load as quick as a flash. Otherwise, everything else becomes somewhat irrelevant.

What did we miss? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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