Turn your small business into a killer brand!

Ask yourself this question. What is the story you want people to remember about your small business?

When it comes to branding a business, it’s easy to jump into overdrive and start putting your logo and images on everything. But, there is a trend in branding which is taking things in a new direction. It is no longer about how many times you can get the name of your business out there. Instead, it is much more about how you make customers feel. Do they remember you? Do they trust you?

Marketing has changed a lot. It is no longer about the stuff that you make, but instead about the stories that you tell. I absolutely agree. A brand is not just a website, a logo or a business card… it’s an all-encompassing experience.

Of course, having all of these assets is vitally important for our business. However, how you choose to brand your business is what’s really crucial. It can have a huge positive or negative impact. So, allocating time to think it through and get advice from modern branding experts can be well worthwhile.



Everyone has a brand – even if it is our own personal brand. How we dress, how we speak and if we deliver a great job or product all add up to one thing. However, simply offering a fantastic product or offering a great service isn’t always enough these days. Clearly defining and managing your brand has never been more important. You need to give the market the story to talk about. Otherwise, they will define your brand story for you, and it may well not be what you want.

We are living in a world where ‘our brand’ is everywhere. So, what do we want ‘our brand’ to say to people who haven’t met us yet? Or perhaps more importantly, people who might want to do business with us?

As a small business, have you gone through the process of defining your niche, defining your audience and defining your brand story? One you have, it is then time to create a range of simple and powerful brand messages that compliment your brand story and are engaging for your target audience.

So, before you next stick your logo on a flyer, a sign in your window, create a social media post or pay for an ad, just think about all of this and ask yourself three simple questions

1.       Is my target audience clearly defined?

2.       Is my brand story ‘right’?

3.       Will this activity engage this audience with my brand story?

It may well change your approach for the better.



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