The perks of the coffee catch up.

These days, I hear a lot of people saying that catching up for a coffee is a waste of time. As the digital age becomes more entrenched, more people seem to be avoiding face-to-face meetings and even phone calls, and instead relying solely on email or social media to communicate.

I get it. While looking at things from purely a perceived time efficiency perspective, this approach may make perfect sense to you.  We’re all busy after all.

However, when looking at opportunities to build rapport on a real human level, connect with and understand potential or existing clients in a meaningful way, there really is nothing quite like a face to face catch up.

In my experience, people tend to open up a lot more when chatting casually over a coffee in a relaxed setting such as a local café, and that is where great ideas can come to fruition.

On more than one occasion, I’ve grabbed a coffee with a former colleague or contact simply to say hello, with no agenda whatsoever. Then, before I know it an exciting collaboration has come out of it, and I don’t believe this could have happened over the phone or via email.

We are human after all, and naturally we’re social beasts, so face-to-face is where those vital business traits of trust and rapport are really created.

So, next time you’re madly emailing and social networking, take a little time out to schedule a couple of coffee catch ups. You may just be surprised what will come out of it.

Author: Cameron McIver


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