Correction: Employee engagement is not a program.

I have a correction to make.

Since I posted the article ‘10 reasons why employee engagement programs fail’ last year, I’ve received a great response, and it’s been so encouraging to hear how businesses are implementing these steps and achieving success with them


As time has gone by, I’ve started to realise an obvious error in my terminology. By referring to employee engagement as ‘a program’, I was selling short its ongoing importance.

By definition, programs generally have a start and an end date.

Successfully managing employee engagement, and getting the most out of it has no end date.

Any major cultural shift, or revolution if you will, only works if it is ingrained into the DNA of the business.

For this to happen, management need to be constantly listening, learning, evaluating and making changes along the way as they are needed. This is the only way to maintain an engaged and motivated workforce for the long term.

So, as thrilled as I am with the success of the article, this little fact has bugged me for a while now. Hence, the need for this updated post.

I feel better now 🙂

Author: Cameron McIver


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