A shout out to all start ups, entrepreneurs, & small business operators

A quick shout out to all the entrepreneurs, small business owners and start up operators out there today who are…

  1. Watching their ‘to do’ list grow and grow no matter how smart they think they’re working
  2. Bogged down on a task that is so un-glamourous that they wouldn’t dream of making a social media post about it
  3. Juggling priorities that are both related and unrelated to their business
  4. Sitting in somewhat less than salubrious surroundings
  5. Putting in the hours to the point where they don’t want to even think about what hourly rate that equates to
  6. Wouldn’t change it for the world

If you can put a resounding yes to all of the above, I feel your pain. I also share your sense of exhilaration when those wins come along.

Believe me, the wins will come.

Just remember to celebrate the small victories along the way to keep yourself motivated, and to roll with the punches.

Unfortunately, they come with the territory too.

And… most importantly, believe in yourself. You’ve got this.

Author: Cameron McIver



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2 thoughts on “A shout out to all start ups, entrepreneurs, & small business operators

  1. You hit the nail on the head. I own and run 3 businesses and feel the pressure everyday. But everyday i push to be better than I was yesterday. Productivity is really important to me. Great post.

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