Anyone can be a Marketing Manager, can’t they?

Throughout my career, I’ve seen so many businesses place non-marketers into head of marketing positions, for the main reason being that they don’t consider marketing to be a specific skill set.

Often, these people have been shifted from another area of the business where they may have been a good salesperson, a good operations manager, a good engineer, or even a good *cringe* accountant. (Yes, I’ve seen a CFO become the CMO).

But, do they really understand marketing?

Unfortunately, not always.

When done properly, marketing forms an important and strategic part of the business.

The role of a Marketing Manager is to ensure that the appropriate strategies are in place so as the capabilities of the business and the needs/wants of the customer are married up seamlessly.

The primary role of the marketing manager is NOT to update websites, post on social media, print brochures and organise events.

If this is the main focus of your Marketing Manager, then they’re not really doing their job IMHO.

The bottom line is… to be successful, the Marketing Manager needs to possess the ability to get the marketing strategy right, and then drive this strategy throughout the business. The rest will follow.

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Author: Cameron McIver


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