Don’t stress. How long should a blog post be?

When I speak to business operators, I get a lot of reasons (or excuses) as to why they’re not blogging regularly.

However, the most common one is a preconceived notion that blogging is a long form communication, so each post needs to be hundreds of words long. So, they think that they simply don’t have the time to write them.

Well, here’s a reality check for you. Blog posts can be as long or short as you want them to be. All that matters is that they spark the interest of the reader, and you’re putting them out regularly.

In fact, with our ever-shortening attention spans, often the shorter they are the better

…just like this one 😊

Author: Cameron McIver


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3 thoughts on “Don’t stress. How long should a blog post be?

  1. This is so true! My most popular blog post of all time is short and full of cat gifs lol. Story of my life.

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