How to use turkeys to make lemonade.

Ever heard the saying “You can’t soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys”?

Yes, I’ve been there in those environments where I’ve longed to be surrounded by inspiring people, but instead I’ve been fed nothing but negativity and frustration from those I dealt with every day.

I’ve also read all that motivational advice that recommends getting out of there ASAP before it sucks your will to live.

Sure… in a perfect world. But in reality we know that things aren’t always as simple as that, are they?

Well, here’s another old saying for you “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

Ok, enough with the cheesy quotes. The point is that achieving success really comes down to your approach and your attitude. It’s a choice. You can choose to be dismayed and disheartened in your current situation, or you can choose to use it to your advantage and flip things around.

Quite simply, use these people and these environments as examples of the complete opposite to what you want to be, and how you want to behave.

This was me a few years back. I knew that I had a lot more to offer than what was possible with the ‘turkeys’ I was working with.

So, out of this frustration, I quietly started a side hustle. Very quickly, it became a kind of therapy for me, and before I knew it, it was verging on an obsession. I loved it. All of these ideas that I’d supressed in the past were slowly coming to fruition.

It was fantastic. These very ideas were getting validated by my peers, and best of all it was all happening on my terms.

The whole time I used my daily frustrations and the negativity I was subjected to, to spur me on to something incredibly positive.

It was out of this ‘therapy’ that Optune was born… and I never looked back.

We can’t always control the people we need to associate with, and there are certain situations that we are powerless to change. It’s a fact.

But, we all have the power to control what is going on inside our own minds and the power to control our attitudes, and if we’re smart about it we can use each and every one of life’s experiences to our advantage.

Author: Cameron McIver  


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