What should a Marketing Manager REALLY be doing?

What makes a good Marketing Manager?

Well, that’s a question that can sure open up a can of worms, and you’ll get so many different answers to it depending on who you ask.

Some will tell you that it’s all in the ability to drive sales. Some will say that it’s all about the brand strategy, while others will even base its success on social media follows and likes.

In my opinion, the role of the Marketing Manager always has and always will be to ensure that the appropriate strategies are in place so as the capabilities of the business and the needs/wants of the customer are married up seamlessly.

It is NOT to update websites, post on social media, print brochures and organise events. Quite frankly, any Marketing Manager who dedicates the majority of their brain power to these kinds of tasks is not doing their job effectively.

To be successful, a Marketing Manager needs to possess the ability to get the marketing strategy right, and then drive this strategy throughout the entire business – both internally and externally. The rest will follow.

Here at Optune, we love making Marketing Managers look good. If you’d like some help with your marketing strategy, then please get in touch.

Author: Cameron McIver



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