Ahh… that’s refreshing. When is it time to update your brand?

We all need a little freshening up every now and then to keep us feeling good, at the top of our game and right on the ball – and the same goes for your brand.

Without a little TLC, brands eventually become stale, tired and less relevant over time, and if left unchecked the results can be truly dire for a business.


So, what is a brand refresh?

Basically, a brand refresh is a freshen up, a few tweaks or a total makeover of both your brand and the business behind your brand to ensure that they remain relevant to your target audience, and create the most positive and profitable perception moving forward.

A brand refresh can preserve your brand’s integrity, inject some fresh energy into the business, keep you up to date with a changing marketplace, and expand your reach to new customers.


How do you know when it is time for a brand refresh?

If any of the following 4 scenarios sound familiar, then your brand could certainly do with a refresh

  1. Your logo and livery are outdated.

Logo and brand designs have come a long way in the past few years. While your logo may have been state-of-the art way back then, your image may well now be suffering because if it. Stand back and take an objective look at it now. How does it look in comparison to your competitors? Your logo and livery should represent your brand in a fresh and contemporary way.

  1. Your products/services have changed.

Is your brand messaging an accurate reflection of who you are and what you offer today? Most businesses will grow, evolve and change over time, which means that your target audience can change as well. Therefore, it’s important that your brand best reflects its relevance to your current and future target audiences, not the ones that you no longer service.

  1. Your current branding is inconsistent.

Over time, especially if it isn’t controlled carefully, brand messaging can become inconsistent. There may be one logo on a website, a different logo and tagline on a brochure, and so on. The less consistent it is, the sloppier and less professional your brand image can become.

  1. You are preparing your business for growth.

If you are embarking on a period of growth in the near future, it is not only important that your brand reflects who you are and where you are going, a carefully reassessed and positioned brand can carry your business through this growth period, and place you in the best possible position to capitalise on it.

Do any of these ring true for your business? If so, then it just might be time for a brand refresh.

Author: Cameron McIver



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