Getting super productive today… thanks to my morning run.

I did some great work this morning.

I finished off a piece that I’d been procrastinating over for a while now. For some reason I could never quite obtain that level of inspiration that I knew was needed to finish it off to the standard it deserved.

But, this morning that inspiration flowed freely and effortlessly, and within an hour it was completed.

And the reason for this inspiration?

I went for an early morning run. By 6am, I was out there pounding the pavements for 10km. It was cold and dark. The kind of conditions that would drive any sane person to pull up the blankets a little higher or go diving for the coffee machine.

The streets were practically deserted, which is just the way I like it. I was alone with nothing more than my breathing, my stride and my thoughts.

As the first signs of the new day gradually started peaking over the horizon, I felt immense pride in knowing that I was out there doing and achieving something that I knew very few others were.

The result of all of this was the best run I’ve done in months and a burst of positive endorphins that inspired me to finish off the above-mentioned piece and follow it up with this short blog post.

Can’t wait to see what else I’ll achieve today.

Author: Cameron McIver


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