How would you handle being referred to as “The Cutting & Pasting Manager”?

Once upon a time, I was the manager of the cutting and pasting department.

Well, that’s what one senior manager with a very loud voice once referred to the marketing department as.

He kept it up, and soon the whole office was under the impression that we literally sat around cutting and pasting all day.

The thing is, he did actually appreciate what we did. He just thought it would be funny to keep this running joke going.

What he didn’t realise was that his actions created a perception of marketing across the company, which in turn thwarted all sorts of discussions that I was trying to have in order to move things forward.

As an ambitious marketer fighting to be taken seriously, this frustrated me to no end.

Yet, being young and naive, I never confronted the issue. I just moved on with my career.

Looking back, I learnt a lot from this period regarding just how easily perceptions can get out of control if we don’t consciously manage them.

These days, I still like to use these learnings in my approach.

Whenever I come into a new business, I make sure that I set the ground rules right up front, and if I ever get the feeling that the perception of marketing is sliding towards that of an admin function, I’m quick to bring it back to where I passionately believe it belongs – as a high end, strategic, and revenue generating business function.

And so far, it’s working well for me.

Author: Cameron McIver


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