When writing transcends all boundaries.

Writing is not like modelling, gymnastics, or playing tennis.

It’s not something where if you missed it by the age of 19, you’re finished. It’s never too late.

In fact, as you become older and wiser with more life experience under your belt, there’s a fair chance that you will become an even better writer.

If you write something beautiful and important, and it creates a real connection with the right person – and it doesn’t matter at what age this happens – space can be cleared on the bookshelves of the world just for you.

You’ll never know unless you try, and you’ll never get there unless you keep on writing.

Other people may be able to hold up your work getting published or paying you what you’re worth, but they can never stop you from wallowing in the pure joy that is creative writing.

So… keep on writing.

Author: Cameron McIver



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