Entrepreneurs listen up! Here’s the 7 keys to marketing a fitness business.

The fitness industry is booming. People want to look and feel better, so they’re turning to healthier lifestyles that involve daily exercise. It’s a trend that’s here to stay, which makes it a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurial individuals out there that have a passion for fitness.

Whether you’re selling personal training services, gym memberships, supplements or fitness equipment, fitness marketing is key.

Not everybody succeeds here. It’s true. But, if you do things right, there is a nice piece of a very lucrative pie out there with your name written all over it.

Here are some quick stats:

  • 25% of Australian adults exercise at least once per month
  • Almost 30% of all Australian adults are members of a gym
  • $80 billion is spent annually in the global fitness and health club industry

Feeling inspired? Great! Now, use the following 7 tips to help improve your fitness marketing today.


1. Develop a Brand.

Your brand is everything.

It’s what you’ll market and it’s what people will become acquainted with first. If your brand is perceived as trustworthy, of great quality and within their budget, then you’re on your way to gaining loyal customers.

In order to perfect your branding, you need to understand your product and its benefits, your backstory, your process and the company’s personality.

​All of this should be conveyed through your marketing to help create relationships with prospects and customers.


2. Build a Quality Website.

It’s not enough to just have a local gym, shop or class. You need to make sure you have an online presence. After all, this is where people will look for your services and products.

Your website needs to have a reliable content management system, such as WordPress or Weebly. This way, you know your site will display accurately and without glitches.

Also, make sure you have a responsive design, which means it can be accessed on any type of device. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it will suffer in search engines like Google. When your site is blacklisted, you can guarantee no one will find it.


3. Build Brands Around Your Trainers.

Your personal trainers (should you hire some) can aid in your fitness marketing strategy. Create profiles for each one on your website, and get them involved in social media. This is where most people spend much of their time.

If your personal trainers are gaining buzz, then it’ll help bring more business to your company. They can aid in your reputation management, or work against it. So be sure to have a plan in place that they’re following, so hiccups can be avoided.

Plus, go the extra mile to keep your employees happy. This way, their appreciation for your business resonates in their interactions with customers and on social media.

4. Create a Membership Option.

There are literally hundreds of people in your social circles that would love the help and accountability that comes with hiring a PT, but it’s not always affordable.

Consider creating a membership option for these people so that can get restricted access to you and your team.

You can do this by making your offer affordable. If there are local companies you can partner with to sweeten the deal, do so.


5. Make Instagram a Part of Your Fitness Marketing.

There’s no denying social media is a major piece of the marketing puzzle. Since most people spend a lot of time here, it makes sense to promote here. Of course, the way you approach advertising in television is much different on the web.

For one, it needs to be more covert. Your marketing shouldn’t feel like an ad. Today’s consumers are savvier and won’t fall for your marketing gimmicks.

Instead, they want authentic and genuine brands to follow. What this means is giving away free tips and advice to help them achieve their goals. Once you have trust and authority, people will be more willing to spend money on your brand.

What’s great about Instagram is it is the home of fitness gurus. Those who want to be inspired to lose weight and become fit oftentimes turn to Instagram. Use this to your advantage by posting fitness related images and helpful tips.


​6. Create Fitness Videos.

Besides social media, video consumption continues to grow in popularity. People like to watch versus read, so give them something to view. Preferably a fitness video or demonstration. For instance, if you sell fitness gear, show them how to use it.

Or if you have great advice for working out, develop a video showing a routine people can do from home.

The top types of videos that perform well include instructional content, events, competitions, testimonials and introductions to new instructors.


​7. Reward Your Followers.

Once you’ve started raking in customers, get them to review your business. You can offer rewards in exchange for rating and writing a review for your brand. Some popular review sites include Yelp, Google, FourSquare and Facebook.

You can also create a template of instructions, so customers will write reviews that are SEO-friendly.

Plus, you can feature customers in your marketing campaign. This can work for your brand whether you’re writing blog posts or pushing out videos. Imagine how many shares and likes your content will get after featured customers share it with all of their friends and followers.

This is a clever way to get your customers to do some of the marketing for you. Your features can showcase customer journeys, personal struggles, stories and so on.



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