Whose social media posts are you liking, and what impact is it really having?

I was recently reading about an interesting phenomenon (if you could call it that?) where the average social media user is more likely to like/follow/share a page or post generated by someone that they don’t know who is already receiving millions of hits (and won’t notice another one or two), than for a friend or acquaintance that is working hard to build up a small business, and appreciates every piece of social media love that they can get.

While there are quite possibly several reasons for this (Yes, I have my theories, but I won’t go into them here), personally I find this to be a very sad state of affairs.

So… on behalf of all small business/startup operators, I’d like to encourage every single person that is reading this post to buck the trend and help out a small business today.

That’s what I’ll be doing.

Oh… and while you’re at it, Optune would love some of that love 😊

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