When sometimes the best option is to stop, listen to your gut, say no… and then move on.

It can be a funny life working as a consultant.

Constantly juggling conflicting commitments, while not only keeping as many balls in the air as possible, but always critiquing yourself as to which balls to keep up there, and which ones to drop. Resources are always finite, and things are never black and white.

The last thing you want to do is let an awesome opportunity pass you by. On the other hand, you never want to let a client down, or fail to do a project justice because you’ve taken on too much.

Rarely is there a dull moment.

Knowing what to take on and what to say no to is never easy. However, one thing I’ve learnt over time is that when you really listen to your gut, you can’t go too wrong.

Here’s an example.

A couple of weeks ago, I had to say no to a great job offer.

It was something that I’d been having discussions about for quite a while. It seemed a fantastic opportunity. It was the type of project that I’d been wanting to get my teeth stuck into for ages, and it paid well.

But… when it came to the crunch…

It just wasn’t going to fit in with my life. In order to take it on, I was going to have to sacrifice things which were far too important to me. I know from previous experience that when work takes over everything… well… everything suffers – both personal and work life. When the gut talks, you’ve got to listen.

I faced up to the cold hard reality that I simply wouldn’t be doing anyone justice.

So… after a great deal of soul searching, I politely declined.

I then spent some time beating myself up over the ‘what ifs’. Then I took some deep breaths, went to the gym, caught up with a friend for a coffee and soon started to feel a bit better.

The next day, I produced some content that got some great feedback and created some really interesting leads.

So, away we go again.

You can’t live in the past. Keep on learning and keep on moving. Onwards and upwards.



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