How to write copy that really cuts through. The 4 skillsets needed.

In this world of ever-expanding multimedia options that we live in, there is still very much a place for strong, cut-through and well worded copy. Good copy uses the power of language to create a real connection with an audience, and when it happens it can be a truly beautiful thing.

However, a lot of copy out there is put together by people with a creative writing background.

A good creative writer may well have the ability to produce beautifully worded copy, but they may not necessarily know how to achieve cut through to the target audience, align their writing with the essence of the brand, and deliver on the objectives of the business.

On the other hand, not all good marketers know how to write.

In my opinion, an effective marketing copywriter will always possess the following 4 skillsets

  1. Strategic marketing
  2. Brand strategy
  3. Creativity
  4. Copywriting

It’s a combination that I like to refer to as strategic copywriting, and as my experience has shown, this is what gets results.

At Optune, strategic copywriting just happens to be one of our specialties.

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