Left vs right brain? The magic created when two writers’ worlds collide.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of catching up for a coffee with a fellow copywriter that I’ve been eager to meet with for quite a while now.

I’ve always loved meeting up with likeminded entrepreneurial individuals for a casual chat to swap ideas and experiences. No sales pitches, no competitive awkwardness. Just an open and honest exchange of ideas.

I seem to always get something out of it.

Yesterday’s was interesting. There we were. Two copywriters that have come into the field from two very different places.

I’ve come into it from a strategic marketing, comms and branding perspective, while he is an esteemed creative writer and a published author with a true love and appreciation of the written word.

What this means is that the way in which we approach our writing is so very different.

Once we started discussing this, it was amazing how much we had to offer each other.


Am I really a writer?

I’ve never considered myself a writer as such. I’m more a communicator. I understand communications, brand messaging and customer engagement, and I see my writing as the key link between what a brand or organisation wishes to achieve and how to best engage an audience with this via appropriate language, messaging, etc.

My esteemed colleague on the other hand is a brilliant writer. He writes stories that really pull at the heart strings and engage the reader. He leaves them fulfilled yet wanting more. This I consider to be a true gift.

It’s fair to say that I was in awe of his talents. To the point where I felt like a bit of an imposter sitting there in his presence.

His advice.

He offered up some fantastic tips on improving my writing skills. The main one being the simplest – just keep on writing. The more you write, the better you get at it.

He told me to not worry too much about every word or sentence before you put it down. Things can be deleted in the editing phase later on. Just get a flow going, enjoy what you’re writing and before you know it, you’ll be in that zone where some truly magical writing comes from.


My advice.

As the meeting went on, it became clear that much of what I consider my weaknesses, he considers his strengths, and vice versa.

What this meant was that I was able to repay his great advice with some advice of my own around positioning his writing in accordance with business goals, strategic objectives, strategic marketing and brand messaging.

I think we both walked away from there a little bit more knowledgeable, informed and ready to tackle the next copywriting project.

Thank you Michael for such an inspiring meeting.



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