4 simple tips to help entrepreneurs build their personal brand.

1. Marketing is all about psychology.

Marketing is all about understanding human behaviour. Think about it. What makes your clients buy from you?

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is trying to create demand, when instead they should be understanding where their strengths lie, and leveraging these strengths to their advantage.


2. There’s nothing wrong with taking short cuts.

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Instead, find out what is already working and then adapt it to your requirements.


3. Study what your competitors are doing well – and use it to your advantage.

Study the language, structure, rhythm and hooks of the ads and campaigns of your competitors. Understand what makes people pull out their wallets and spend their money with them.


4. The new thing may not be so new.

Be a student of the original source material that the great marketers of the past created for us. You might just be surprised to learn what worked back then, will still work today. Use these fundamentals as the foundations for your success.



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