And the award for ‘Colour of the Year’ goes to…

Last week, the colour authority Pantone announced its colour of the year for 2020.

And the winner is… Classic blue.

While this may not mean a lot to many of you, it’s a pretty big deal to those in the fashion, design and creative marketing fields, where many are already sprouting forth about the meanings conveyed by classic blue, and doing all they can to move as much ‘blue stuff’ as possible.


How does it work?

To make its yearly forecast, the Pantone people travel the world to study where and how colours are used. They say the colour of the year is not merely a reflection of aesthetics. Instead it is intended to best reflect the ideas, beliefs and moods of a particular year in history.

In this case, they claim classic blue “highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation.”


What’s in it for them?

Pantone makes money selling colour swatches and formulas, as well as providing colour consultancy services. While Pantone itself doesn’t actually report any earnings, its parent company, Danaher Corp., raked in almost $20 Billion last year.

Meanwhile, research suggests that consumers do seem to make decisions based on Pantone’s recommendations.

For example, 2019’s colour of the year was ‘Ultra Violet’, and as a result luxury retailer Moda Operandi has seen sales of purple-coloured fashions increase by 28% this year alone.

What’s more, the winner for 2018 ‘Living Coral’ saw a 62% spike in the sale of pink items.

Next year, Pantone hopes to snag a share of some of this consumer activity. They’ve even just released a music track, a berry tea, and fabric to complement their colour prediction.

So, if all that doesn’t give you a stable foundation, I don’t know what does.


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