Holiday time. Why it is such a great time to plan.

Here we are in January. The crazy Christmas period has passed, new years’ celebrations are done, and finally the time has arrived when you can take a step back and exhale.

Feels good doesn’t it?

Well, you’re certainly not alone there.

There’s no better time to soak up some sun (for those of us in the southern hemisphere anyway), relax, enjoy the company of family and friends, and recharge the batteries.

We’ve all worked hard in 2019, and we deserve some time out to destress the body and declutter the mind. When we have a relaxed body, and a stress & clutter free mind, it’s also the time when we’re open to all sorts of possibilities.

What you may not realise though, is that this makes it the perfect time to start planning for 2020.

What do I mean by ‘start’ planning? After all, who didn’t have their 2020 business plans locked in months ago?

I’m talking about a different kind of planning.

Keep it casual and don’t overdo it. You’re on holidays after all, so first and foremost get yourself into holiday mode.

Then, as you’re lazing in that deck chair on the beach, the waves lapping at your feet, start jotting down a few ideas on a note pad.

It’s in this moment that you may just be surprised what a relaxed and open mind can come up with.

Give it a go this week.

All the best and happy new year!


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