Responsive? Agile? What does Marketing Planning look like in 2020?

I’ve always been a strong advocate of the marketing plan.

Even through the emerging times of the digital age where many were saying – marketing is all about customer responsiveness now, so a structured marketing plan is irrelevant – I still saw plenty of evidence of the need for a marketing plan as the backbone, and a strategy as the driving force behind any really successful marketing initiative.

It’s got me thinking lately about how often I still see marketers diving in without any planning whatsoever, when planning was once considered mandatory.

In recent times, I’ve seen a similar argument arise again where ‘responsiveness’ has simply been replaced with ‘agility’.

Some are saying that planning is out and agile is in.

Yes, agile is in, but planning is still absolutely essential.

Since adapting to agile methodology, the only thing that’s changed is the methodology of planning where we’re focusing on shorter bursts.

There are many businesses out there right now reviewing their 2019 performance (if they’re not, they should be) and starting to identify a bunch of marketing problems.

That’s great. From there, they need to firstly make sure that their goals are clear and focused correctly. Then, acknowledge the need for new strategies and updated tactics. That’s how you set a business up for success in 2020. That’s smart.

If all that doesn’t convince you, consider the results of a 2019 study by CoSchedule, which surveyed over 3,000 marketing management professionals, and discovered the best marketers are more successful if they:

  • Set goals (by 376%)
  • Document their strategy (by 313%)
  • Proactively plan projects and campaigns (by 356%)
  • Use agile project management (by 252%)

So, is marketing planning still relevant in 2020? Absolutely!


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