Stuck for content ideas? Try this simple method.

Coming up with new ideas for content can be tough. After a while, even the best of us start to run dry.

So, here’s a handy method to help spark your creativity.

It’s called the 5 P method.

This is one that I came across a while ago. I jotted it down in an old notebook at the time, and have since forgotten where it came from.

So, apologies if I don’t give credit where credit is due.

What are the 5 P’s


What is something that really lights your fire? What’s a subject that you could happily talk about for hours?


What are some projects that you are involved in outside of work? Do you volunteer? Do you coach a local sporting team? These outside projects may well be of interest to your audience.


What do you do for a living? What are some of the learnings that you have picked up throughout your career that you could share with your audience?

Private life.

What areas of your private life would you feel comfortable sharing? Maybe something about your pets, your kids, or maybe you have some quirky habits that people may find interesting or amusing?


What is the purpose of your life? What drives you? What do you really want to do?

Above all else, don’t forget to engage with your audience. Read and reply to their comments, listen to their feedback.

What you’ll often find is that from this engagement, multiple lightbulb moments soon present themselves, and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to creating a whole new set of content.


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