How to boost engagement levels on your LinkedIn posts.

In order to increase the reach of your LinkedIn posts, it’s important to appreciate that LinkedIn is a bit of a different beast to other social media platforms, in that it values really engaging original content above all else, and that it likes to keep things ‘in house.’

Those that don’t understand this can unknowingly fall into one of several traps and then sit there frustrated that their posts aren’t achieving the engagement levels that they’d like.

However, the good news is that there are a few simple things that you can start doing differently right now that can make a real difference to the success of your posts.

Here’s my top 6 tips.

  • Only share links to other LinkedIn pages within your post. Share any outside links in the comments instead.
  • Add no more than 3 hashtags to your post, and make sure that they are relevant.
  • If you wish to share a video, make sure that you upload it directly to LinkedIn. Linking to YouTube or Vimeo is only going to hurt your reach.
  • Post no more than once a day. If you do, the second post will stop the reach of your first post.
  • Avoid sharing the same post in Groups, as it has the same effect as posting more than once a day.
  • Try to avoid getting too hung up on the number of likes. Instead, focus on the longer-term benefits of creating posts that spark real engagement and in-depth conversations.

A sign of a really successful LinkedIn post is when the insights shared in the comments offer even more value to your readers than the original post itself.

Always keep in mind that LinkedIn is not a broadcast channel. It is a relationship building opportunity, and in-depth comments are what helps you build these relationships.

Give it some thought and give this advice a go today.

LinkedIn can be a very powerful platform when used properly, and the best news is that using it properly isn’t that complicated. It just takes a little forethought, a little planning and remembering what the platform is ultimately all about – relationships.

Good luck!


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