Content creators. It’s still about your audience.

In the crazy times we’re going through at the moment, it’s very easy to get caught up in all the doom and gloom, slip into a ‘bunker down’ mentality and want to place everything on hold until the storm passes – even though we don’t have any indication as to when that may actually be.

So, here’s a little bit of advice for content creators right now.

As hard as it may be, resist these urges and remember this. It’s still about your audience.

Your audience are still there, and they’re still searching for answers and guidance to help them solve their problems – possibly now even more than ever. Don’t dessert them in their hour of need.

Don’t worry if you’re not creating the best content that you ever have. Instead, focus on being kind, thoughtful, and useful. Be there where your audience expects you to be and be there consistently.

Everyone is doing it tough right now. Stress and anxiety levels are understandably through the roof all over the world.  The only thing that isn’t ‘unprecedented’ about all this is the never-ending use of the word ‘unprecedented’.

Injecting a little bit of normality might just be what the world needs right now.

So, to all my fellow content creators, let’s get out there and do what we do best. Creating and posting content.

And the silver lining to all this is that we can even do it while maintaining social distancing and from within self-isolation if need be.


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