How to speak to people about your business during the crisis.

Here is a quick rundown on how to speak to people about your business right now to avoid coming across as a cold-hearted, money-grabbing monster.

  1. Put readers first.

Nobody cares about you, especially during a crisis. So, start everything you write by addressing the reader with ‘you’ and ‘your’ instead of ‘I’, ‘we’ or ‘our’.

  1. Be real and speak from the heart.

I’m sure like many of you, my email inbox is full of copy and paste announcements from all sorts of businesses and organisations that are prattling on about their rigorous standards, which all comes across as sounding very cold. Instead, write something original that sounds real and human. That’s what people connect with.

  1. Be empathetic.

Avoid lines like “We understand how you are feeing at this difficult time.” People are panicking. People are experiencing extreme stress and anxiety. So, acknowledge the actual pain people are feeling, and describe how what you offer will help alleviate this pain.

  1. Be compassionate.

With people’s heads all over the place, now is not the time to state your position and what you believe. Things are changing so quickly, and this situation is so unprecedented, that none of us really know where we stand anyway.

Sitting on the fence is rarely a recommended strategy, yet for now we need to be doing just that, by setting opinions aside and focusing only on how we can help people.

  1. Remain calm.

I know how difficult this may seem with all our livelihoods under threat, but the more clarity you give in your communications, the less panicky it will sound, and the more engaging and appealing your offering will be.

Stay safe everyone.


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