How exercise can make you a better entrepreneur and improve your business as well.

Ok, so you consider yourself an entrepreneur. You’ve created a great small business there. You’ve worked your butt off. You’ve probably dedicated more hours to it than you care to even think about, and you should be damn proud of yourself. Absolutely!

Throughout all those hours you’ve spent with your head down working away, how’s your health and fitness been? Has it taken somewhat of a back seat?

I know what you’re thinking. You don’t have time to exercise, you’re out to make your first million after all, and now that the COVID-19 pandemic has been thrown into the mix, you’re going to have to work harder than ever.

So, the last thing you need is distractions, right?

Well, what if I told you that physical fitness is not only important for your health, it can also be good for your business.

Here’s just a few reasons as to why you might want to step away from the screen, throw on some active wear and start working up a sweat today.


A different kind of networking.

Up until recently, you would often find me singing the praises of group exercise activities as a fantastic way to network. Whether it’s working out at the gym, running with a group or playing in a team sport, these were all great ways to network with prospective clients or strengthen existing business relationships.

The reason being that a lot of barriers get broken down while exercising together, and many soon find that they’re communicating on a whole different level than they would at a business networking event, and hence all sorts of new opportunities can present themselves.

However, obviously in the current environment we find ourselves unable to partake in many of these activities. While exercising by yourself is in, exercising with a group is out.

But, do not let this phase you. As they say, necessity is the mother of all invention. You may have noticed that all of a sudden, a whole range of fitness networking groups have sprung up online. Some allow you to workout virtually with others while in the comfort of your own home, and others offer a simple way for individuals with an interest in a particular activity to share their thoughts and come together as a community.

I know it’s not the same as the real thing, but for the time being it’s the best we have available to us. So, from the perspective of networking, I’d recommend that you jump on board.

Get your creative juices flowing.

Exercise not only gets the heart pumping and tones the muscles; it also improves brain power by increasing blood flow to the brain. I’ve long been a strong advocate of an early morning run prior to a busy morning to kick my brain into gear, as I know that those mornings will always be far more productive.

Reduce your stress.

Physical activity reduces stress hormones and increases the production of endorphins that give you a natural high. Getting in a workout, whether before work or during the workday can allow you to approach your work with a calmer and more focused mindset.

Boost your confidence.

Building and running a small business is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. As much as we try not to take it personally, when things aren’t going well, it’s only natural that it can get us down and our confidence can take a knock. These are the times when I’ve found that maintaining a regular fitness regime is the most important, as even the smallest fitness win can help you gain the confidence you need to ride out the rough patches and achieve the larger goals in your business life.

Overcome business challenges.

Once all the COVID-19 restrictions are finally lifted, can you imagine how high both the participation and the passion levels are going to be in fitness events out there?

Even though we don’t know exactly when this is going to be, training for a specific fitness event such as a marathon or fun run can help entrepreneurs and small business operators re-learn the importance of goal setting and determination.

The reason being that the vigorous training regime that these commitments place us under in order to achieve a fitness goal crosses over into our business life and makes us more tenacious entrepreneurs. Quite simply, it trains us to remove the word “can’t” from our vocabulary.

Learn to let go of control.

It is quite normal for a business owner to think that they have to do it all. But, there’s a lot of stress that goes along with that level of power and control. This is why power-hungry entrepreneurs are prime candidates to benefit from the services of a personal trainer or fitness coach.

Yes, even during this pandemic you can still avail yourself of their services. Depending on where you are located, one on one sessions may still be permitted. Otherwise, there are a myriad of online coaching services available.

The reason something like this can be so beneficial for business owners is that by learning to let go and let someone else direct you, you can learn about the importance of entrusting others with important tasks, proving that you don’t have to do it all on your own in order to have a successful business.


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