COVID-19 has changed your blogging audience. Who are you really writing for now?

One of the many interesting things that have come out of these unprecedented times that we are living in, are the changes in the way people are living and interacting as we are forced to slow down and smell the roses a little more.

All of a sudden, we’re feeling that we’re part of a global community, and the uncertainty of it all has us looking at a lot of things very differently. We’re finding ourselves seeking real and genuine connections, and many brand associations that we so tightly held onto in the past suddenly seem somewhat insignificant and irrelevant.

This has presented an interesting challenge for commercial bloggers who are used to writing in the style of a particular brand and singing its praises in order to convince consumers to purchase its products or services.

Blogging can still be a successful marketing tool for just about any business and can achieve the desired impact when it’s done right.

However, now you need to think more about what you are writing in a broader context and focus on how you are solving the types of problems that your customers have suddenly found themselves in over the past month that they’ve never experienced before.

Genuine empathy and understanding need to sit at the forefront of your writing. Don’t start telling them how good you are. Instead, focus on developing an understanding that we are all in this together.

Putting it another way, it’s all about building relationships and not about sales pitches.

It can be easy to get carried away and forget who you are actually writing these blog posts for. Just remember that the audience you were writing for a month ago is very different to the audience you are writing for today.

Global pandemics can have that effect.

Now more than ever before, successful commercial blog posts

  • Engage and empathise with the reader.
  • Entice them to look further into what you offer.
  • Provide the right solution, and persuade them that you are the right business for the job.

If you are unsure if you’re hitting the mark, take some time today to look over your posts from the past few weeks and see how they stack up in the current environment.

Be critical. If you were a potential customer reading them, would you be impressed and motivated to act?

Remember, you are here to help, and you have the best solutions to satisfy your customers’ needs. So, make sure that you show this in your blog posts.

Send them a clear message that your business is the one that they need to make their lives easier during these difficult times.


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