Impossible means nothing when drive, passion and imagination take control.

In 1903, just 8 days before the Wright Brothers made history with the world’s first powered aircraft flight, a reporter at the New York Times wrote an article about them. He mocked their attempts and predicted that it would take at least a million years before mankind would build a flyable aeroplane.

History is littered with critics who never accomplished anything in their lives. They’re what is known as bystanders of life. They analyse, they criticise, they think negatively, they hate, they talk, they write, they gossip. And guess what? They never ‘do’.

These people never take risks, never think differently, and they never really live.

And what happens to these bitter individuals? They get forgotten pretty quickly. That New York Times reporter soon disappeared into oblivion (with the exception of being referred to in examples like this) while the Wright Brothers went on to change the world.

Nobody has ever changed the course of history while sticking within the limits of logic. Instead, those that have changed the world have possessed an abundance of passion, imagination and dreams, and the guts to do things differently.

Just remember that everything at one point in time was considered impossible… before someone did it.

We have but one precious life. Let’s live our greatness.

Do what it is that ignites your soul. Dream big.  Do good. Chase your greatness.

Ignore the naysayers. Just get out there and do it.


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