Blogging or Social Media? Which one is best for you?

I’ve written a few articles lately on the benefits of blogging, as quite obviously it’s something that I’m passionate about.

Yet, I also know that when done right, and when done regularly, blogging can be such an invaluable marketing tool for just about any business.

Along the way, I’ve heard many business owners tell me that they don’t really see the benefits in setting up and managing a blog, since it’s so easy to maintain engagement with their customers via their social media activity.

Sure. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the like make it all very easy.

However, one thing that you need to remember is that you are operating within their platforms, which means that you are at the mercy of whatever changes they wish to make.

Basically, you’re playing in their yard. Not yours.

Any of these platforms can change their algorithm overnight which can quickly send your engagement levels plummeting, and there’s not a lot you can do about it.

What if they decided to delete your account altogether and give it to someone else?

This happened to one unsuspecting individual recently when Instagram decided to delete his account and give it to a celebrity couple instead.

Read about it here >> Instagram: How a Sussex Royal lost his account.

Yes, Instagram were well within their rights to do this. It’s all there in those terms and conditions that we all blindly click ‘accept’ to.

A blog on the other hand…

When you set up a blog on your own website, you are placing yourself in control for now and the foreseeable future.

The more you blog, the more you’ll start to learn about what works, and the types of blog posts that your audience prefers.

Study those analytics. They can be a fantastic source of learning. Learn a little about SEO, start to build an email list and use this list to direct customers to your blog.

Sure, use social media as well to promote your blog, but don’t put all your eggs in this one basket.

Well-written blog posts can have a massive impact on a business. This is because they use a human element to position the writer as not only an expert, but an accessible expert in their particular field, and the preferred option for their product or service in the minds of their target customers.

Need further convincing? Read the following article for more >> Should you be blogging? Hmmm… Yep!


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2 thoughts on “Blogging or Social Media? Which one is best for you?

  1. I believe that they both complement each other, though I’m terrible at these two mediums as well. This article really got me thinking. Thanks for sharing!

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