Attention business leaders! Please read this before you embark on an Employee Engagement or Cultural Change program.

Among the myriad of interesting things I’ve noticed lately as COVID life changes the way we all start to think about things is an influx of video messages from CEOs and business leaders conveying some very heart felt messages of support to both their employees and customers, which I think is great.

The more big bosses we have expressing a genuine concern for how their people are feeling at the moment is something to be applauded and encouraged.

We all need to be making the most of this time and taking the opportunity to reflect on how we’ve been traveling, what we should be doing now and what changes we should be making once we head into a post-COVID world.

What these challenging times seem to have created is a renewed interest from senior level managers on employee engagement and cultural change. Again, I think this is fantastic and, in many cases, long overdue.

The only thing that has concerned me is the sheer number of leaders I’ve seen announcing that as soon as restrictions allow for it, they will be setting up a committee to address employee engagement and cultural change.

Hmmm… anyone that knows me will be familiar with my view that if you really want to achieve nothing at all, then set up a committee.

I was amused by one message where a well-meaning GM even referred to it as a ‘change committee’. Now there’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.

All of this got me thinking about an article I wrote a couple of years ago that addressed a number of the most common pitfalls of developing employee engagement programs, along with what I believe to be the best way forward.

It’s called ‘How to succeed by understanding why Employee Engagement Programs fail.’ and I think it’s suddenly become very relevant once again.

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