How to write a blog post that people will actually read.

“How do I write a really good blog post that people actually read and engage with?”

Now there’s a question that just about any successful blogger has been asked many times before.

Well, let me break it down for you really simply.

In my opinion, the best blog posts are

  1. Easy to read from beginning to end
  2. Engaging to the reader
  3. Easy to absorb
  4. Short and sharp.

They are not

  1. Written as a sales pitch
  2. Overly technical
  3. Overly thought out
  4. Longer than they need to be.

A blog post is not somewhere to prove how clever you are or to boast about how great your product/service is, and it is not a place to cram masses of information into.

It is place to be human. It is a place to be a bit creative. It is a place that demonstrates the human side of your business by posting about things that your customers are interested in.

As I say to any business operator who is unsure as to what to blog about – you know your customers, and you know the key reasons as to why they like you enough to remain as customers. If you start drilling down into this, then it won’t take long to come up with a nice handful of topics for some blog posts.

Then…  start writing.

Like with anything, practice makes perfect, so naturally the more you write the better at it you will get.

Start today. Put together a post and see how it goes. Then post another one and see how that goes. As you move along, look at your analytics and start gauging feedback from your audience.

You’ll soon start to learn what works and what doesn’t, and by feeding all of this information into your future blogging activity, before you know it you will be well on your way to creating loads of very successful blog posts.


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