Embracing failure and reframing it in a positive way to move yourself forward.

As this never-ending year of 2020 stretches on and we all start to become more and more fatigued by it all, it’s very easy to feel like we’ve been a failure this year.

When external stimulations that we previously took for granted like social engagement and physical freedom have all of a sudden been taken away from us it’s only natural that our motivation levels to get stuff done are going to a take a hit.

And, what this can soon result in is a feeling of failure.

Well… what if I told you that instead of ignoring or getting down about these failures, it is possible to embrace them and use them to your advantage.

Embrace failure.

Embracing failure is one of the most important traits that I’ve developed in my career (and my life for that matter).

Granted, it took me a long time to get to this point.

I no longer get down, frustrated or defensive about my failures. Instead, I have learned to learn from my failures and treat every single one of them as a lesson. I believe that this approach has made me stronger, smarter, more confident, and more resilient.

I had initially planned to write a nice long blog post here about all these different experiences I’ve had, and how I turned them into a positive, but I figure you’ve probably already seen enough of them.

So, instead I thought I’d just leave it here and encourage anybody who is reading this to take a few minutes today to think about your different failures and then start to think about how you can reframe these failures into something valuable and positive moving forward.

Remind yourself that the past is in the past. Nothing is going to change that. But… the future hasn’t been written yet. Now there’s something to get excited about.


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