How to structure an engaging business homepage.

Are you struggling to write your business homepage? Are you struggling to find some structure?

If so, may I firstly suggest that you stop writing sentence after sentence with no direction and instead give the following a go.

Firstly, split up the first section (that’s the section your customers see first) into three distinct subsections.



A positive headline about the benefits of using your product/service. A tagline about what you do.


A subheader touching on the customers’ pain points and why they need to do something about it.


A subheader touching on why your product/service will solve their problem.


Then look at the way in which you lay out your writing. What I like to do is go with a positive, followed by a negative, and then another positive.  What this does is start to draw the reader in.

Then the next important step is to include a call to action button at the bottom of each subsection so as to give yourself the best opportunity to reel the reader in a little bit more once you’ve got them hooked.

The rest of your homepage can include whatever you like. It could be an about section, testimonials, links to your social media or a newsletter signup.

Just don’t clutter it. Nothings turns a potential customer off more than an overly busy and complicated homepage.

This is just one simple tip that might help you get your homepage structure a little clearer in your mind and a little more customer focused moving forward.

I hope it’s been helpful.


I always love to receive feedback (positive or constructive) on this or any of my posts. Feel free to contact me at any time.

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