Second set of eyes

Ok… so, you consider yourself a bit of a writer, and you’ve just put together some copy for a website, email, newsletter, annual report, etc. You’ve worked hard on it and you’re really proud of yourself. So you should be.


Think about it from the perspective of your target audience. After reading it, will they share your sense of pride and excitement? Will it drive them towards your desired call to action?

How confident are you that they will REALLY engage with it?

These can be tough questions to answer.

That is why, before you hit the publish button, it’s a great idea to get a quick glance over from an experienced set of marketing eyes.

Over the years, we have produced effective marketing copy with serious cut through for industries including manufacturing, distribution, professional services, construction and public transport.

The Optune ‘Second set of eyes’ is a quick, simple, effective and cost-efficient proofreading and editing service to suit all kinds of businesses.

Simple jobs are usually turned around in less than 24 hours 

Give us a try. Shoot through some copy today.